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Led Zepplin of Soccersian
Flag of Soccersian
National motto: Semper Fidelis.
National anthem: "Achilles Last Stand"
Region Liberalia
Capital Soccersia
Largest city Soccersia
Spoken Languages

French, Russian
Federal Republican Democracy
Jim King
• Republic
 • Total
 • Water (%)
20,524,018 km²
4.671 billion
Currency 1 Coin = 1 Dollar
Constitution The Zeppelin Constitution of Soccersian
Internet TLD .soc
Calling code +002
NSTracker Pipian XML

The Led Zeppelin of Soccersian is a nation-state within the region of New Liberalia. The description of all that follows is true and accurate.


The Led Zeppelin of Soccersian was founded in the winter of 2004. The nation slowly meandered its way through NationStates in the first few months of life building its population, governmental ideology, policies, and population. Soccersian stayed in a few regions of little influence such as ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, Anarchy, and The Crucible. Eventually, the nation settled down into what would finally be called Utopia.

Utopia originated as a small region with virtually no influence; Soccersian was its founder. It's first true recruit was Braszil Export and that nation died of inactivity thirty days later. But by that time, due to strong recruiting and excellent leadership, Utopia grew to 100 nations in its first month of existence. Because of a military background and conservative ideology, Soccersian restructured Utopia into a "raider region." With this appeal, recruiting numbers skyrocketed. Soon, Soccersian was the proclaimed General of Utopia. 500 nations were under his control. In Utopia's lifespan, over 150 regions were raided with over 2,000 nations banned.

But the biggest war came against the region of Arkaskra, another raider region boasting 500+ nations, led by Tonanashia. The first spark of war cam when Antonasia struck a Utopia satellite region called Turbulance and banned 45 nations. From that point on, for three and a half months, war was everywhere; it was all-consuming. Though the exact numbers are sketchy, estimates guess that over 750 nations were banned from 30+ regions. In the end, using a spy ally nation called Cloriden and a covert raiding party, led by Soccersian, of over 75 nations, Arkaskra was destroyed and Antonasia dethroned.

The effects of the war were at a maximum. About two months later, after several attempts at creating another top-notch regin, Tonanashia became deceased. Though Utopia was still hanging on, it had too many loopholes. One of Soccersian's best aids and top advisors, of which will remain unnamed, usurped the Utopia region in one swift night raid that banned all 60 nations. Later that night, Utopia ceased to exist and Soccersian was left in the Rejected Realms with naught but a name.

Two weeks later, Soccersian moved into the West Pacific looking for a chance to get back into the game. But, after looking at its dossier, Soccersian noticed one of its allies was the head of a region that was thriving with over 300 nations. Carops was, at the time of Soccersian's movement, the Prime Minister of Liberalia. After quickly growing in influence and using its knowledge in defense and recruiting, Soccersian became one of the top members of the region. Soon after, Soccersian became the Prime Minister of Liberalia.

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